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Sales, Service and Installation of complete car stereo and accessories

With over 30 years of experience in sales, services and installation of complete car stereo systems, securities and accessories, we are one of the most established leading market retailers and specialist in our field. Our wide assortments of products are able to meet diverse customers’ specific needs especially their budget. “Maximum value for the dollar you spent” is our motto. We have a highly committed and exceptionally experienced team in both technical and sales area. As a result, we have achieved a reputation for professional sales service and quality installation whether it is a simple upgrading or a custom installation with multi-media system.

Our expertise also includes:
* Car Sound/Visual Upgrading
* Multimedia system
* GPS Navigation
* Soundproofing
* Remote Alarm
* Car Kit (Bluetooth)
* Reverse Sensor/Camera
* Accident Recorder
* Camera Recorder
* Power Windows
* Central Locking
* Solar Film
* Fuel Savers
* Auto Curtain
* Seat Covers
* Car Covers
* Customized Car Mats
* Personalized Number Plate
* Door Visor
* iPod adaptors for Car Audio
* CD Magazine & Car Accessories.

We also have your solution for:

* Handsfree Bluetooth Car kits for OEM HU such as VW, Mer, BMW etc
* Integrated New car audio to OEM Steering Control
* Integrated OEM Monitors to GPS, DVD Player, Reverse Camera …etc
* iTouch & iPod's interface for OEM Car models such as Volks Wagon, BMW, AUDI, MERCEDES, SAAB, VOLVO, PORCHE.. etc
* Video/Audio interface (Router) for OEM Car models such as VW, BMW, AUDI, MERCEDES, PORCHE . etc
* Time Correction Set-up : "Imprint" Set-up for Alpine Head Units